Academic Program

Infants Program

Healthy Beginning: 6weeks-18 months

Toddlers program

18 months – 3 years
Two-year-old program
Three-year-old program

Infant –
Healthy Beginning

6weeks – 18 months

We understand that entrusting the care of your newborn to us can be quite a transition. Questions like – Will they care for my child as I would? Is my baby happy? Well, we understand this feeling, and that is why we take the concern of your child seriously.

Our infant classrooms are structured and designed in a way that ensure your baby is safe, happy, energetic, and secure. Through games and story reading, our teachers provide physical, emotional and cognitive development in your babies. Without comparing the growth of your babies with others, we allow your child to grow at his/her own pace

We make use of ‘healthy Beginnings’ as a baseline curriculum to nurture the growth of every child. With our child-centered curriculum, we provide your kids with fun and developmentally enabled programs and activities that promote all kinds of learning experiences.

Toddler Program

18 months – 3 years

Unlike any other stage, we know that the toddler stage is bustling. It is the stage the child decides to bond with adults or not. It is a stage of curiosity, inquiry, discovery, exploration, and exertion of energy. Our teachers welcome the energy and excitement associated with this stage by giving them enough space to move, explore and develop new skills. Classroom activities are designed to meet the needs and abilities of toddlers as they grow.

We make use of healthy beginnings (toddler) curriculum to incorporate conscious discipline in a fun and engaging way. With love, we push your kids beyond boundaries, develop their sense of creativity, and expand their innovative imaginations.  We also begin using other highly rated curriculums to help foster the educational aspect of our toddler program. 

Two-year-old Program​

At this stage, children are quick to react. Their cognitive, physical, and social alertness becomes more pronounced than previous years. They begin to develop curiosity about the world around them and about how things work in that world. At this stage, their sense of independence increases as they begin to show that they can handle some things themselves.

Our teachers help them to achieve the alertness and independence that comes with this stage by incorporating a curriculum with a focused approach on early education optimization. In our learning center, we incorporate activities that stimulate physical and health development, social and emotional development, cognitive development and language development, communication, and interaction.

Our classrooms are designed to encourage learning and exploration in a natural way, thus helping your child to focus on the task at hand. Amongst other training, we also work with you to get them potty-trained.

Our strategically designed academic program addresses the needs of each child, thus allowing them to grow at their own pace. Not only do we support individual exploration of skills, we also encourage group learning and exploration to help kids gain from one another.

We know that you should be a part of your child’s learning process. So, we provide you with written and pictorial updates on your child’s development.

Three-year-old Program

Children in our three-year-old program love challenges and crave encouragement. Our childcare experts work to ensure that children develop trust in them. They provide them with learning materials and activities to groom them for the things to come.

We make use of our guided curriculum to challenge children to imagine, ask questions and find answers. We provide the children with learning aids to enhance learning and increase their level of retention and provide you with written and pictorial updates on your child’s development.


4-5years Program

The Pre-Kindergarten academic program helps children to focus on responsive listening, problem-solving, use of social and collaborative skills and language usage. Our childcare professionals get children familiar with reading to recognize words and to match letters to sounds, writing creates written messages, speaking to communicate thoughts, simple mathematics to add, subtract, sort and classify objects, social skills to enhance refined interpersonal communication and physical skills to encourage combined movements.

Our pre-kindergarten curriculum involves activities that engage both teachers and students. As this is the final stage of early learning, we prepare and help your children meet the requirements of the Kindergarten school. Not only do we get them ready for the outside world, we also imbibe the love of learning in them. That wherever they find themselves, they are keen to learn more and more.

We know that you should be a part of your child’s learning process. So, we provide you with written and pictorial updates on your child’s development. We show you that your child is ready and prepared for life outside our early learning center. 

Take a tour to see the calm, serene and beautiful environment where your baby is being cared for. We know you will love it here.