Our Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around the idea that learning begins at birth. We believe that the child desires to know right from infancy, but lack of exposure causes the child to remain dormant rather than explorative. So, we create a developmentally supportive environment that provides activities that encourage increased sense of independence and self-esteem. By helping the kids learn in a love-filled environment, they will be able to interact with others in a cool, respectful and reflective manner.

We also understand that today’s parents have the difficult task of creating work life balance for their family. So, at ‘It Takes a Village Early Learning Center,’ we aim to support families with the development of their child while simultaneously engaging the parents so that they feel connected to the growth of their child even when they are physically absent.

We have put together a detailed curriculum that incorporates activities which stimulate the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, health and language development of every child. You should take a look. 


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